Beth Clare

My name is Beth Clare I have actively been involved with fitness for most of my life. Fitness and health is my passion, so it was natural for me to decide to gain my diploma in fitness straight after I left school! 


I have coached now for 7 years, along my time as a coach I have worked full time face to face with clients for 4 years, I then went into online coaching, and now my business is mainly online, and I also teach my Glute Academy small group classes 4 times per week, along with some 1/1 clients! I enjoy the combination of both online and face to face coaching. 


I started out my fitness journey after I finished with numerous sports. I was quite a cardio bunny when i first started in the gym! I was so skinny, but was too nervous and intimidated to get into the weights room, as I didn’t know what I was doing! As my studies continued whilst gaining my diploma in fitness, i became more confident to start to do weight training! I started to see some great results along with consistency and was loving the feeling of being strong and creating more shape so i wasn’t so straight up and down! And i haven’t looked back since!! Only to check out my booty gains ;). 


Over my career in fitness I have competed in 8 bikini competitions, placing top three in most of them, and taking out the Sydney bikini overall champion with IFBB pro league this year february 2019! My training across the years has shifted from split bodybuilding type sessions, to more of a power building approach! Which include full body sessions, which has allowed me to gain strength and conditioning in my legs, due to the increased frequency I can train my glutes, but my recovery doesn’t have to come at a compromise, by having the total sets for the week for each movement pattern, spread out in a way i am able to recover from, allowing my training performance to remain on point for continued progression! 


As you can see in my before picture, I have NOT always had glutes, I have built them, from years of hard work! It took me years to gain the education and knowledge I know today which has not only allowed myself personally to grow a big butt, but many of my clients as well!! 


The reason I love glutes so much is the training component involved with growing a big butt! You will not grow a big butt by sticking to the same weights each week, or doing banded kick backs for days!! Or being a cardio bunny.


It requires consistency and progressive overload, which will require you to challenge yourself through strength training and get strong AF!! Which is such a freaking cool feeling!! I honestly believe that a big reason why consistency is achieved with training is through enjoyment, and if you are getting into the gym and looking forward to the challenge, and achieving things above your perceived limits, then that is so fun!!! And you are much more likely to be consistent with your training if you look forward to it!!


My passion to educate, empower, and support girls who want to feel STRONG, empowered, confident and build a big butt, is so high!! I love seeing my clients not only get great physical results, but gain strength and confidence to be a badass in the gym!! Which is why I have created The Glute Academy!! and! I look forward to beginning this Journey with you!