What equipment is needed?

  • Dumbells
  • Barbells
  • Weight plates
  • Power rack
  • Cable machine
  • Booty band
  • Hip thrust sponge

What if I don't have access to certain equipment?

Hip abduction machine > Banded hip thrusts. Lying leg curl> DB lying leg curl / cable machine lying leg curl. TRX> Set up an inverted row with a barbell in a power rack. Kettlebell> Dumbbell 45 degree hyper> Kneeling banded hip thrusts/ GHD/ Bench reverse hypers.

How will i know how to track my progress?

You can print off the printable program pdf which is located on your dashboard, this way you are able to keep track of each months progress for all sessions.

How will I know if I am making progress?

Through your strength improvements, Improved form, Feeling less fatigued, recovering better, as well as your progress pictures having visual improvements (improved body composition).

What is progressive overload?

This simply means you are getting stronger/doing more over time. This way you are able to get stronger, build more muscle and therefore work towards body recomposition and strength goals.

How long will it take me to see results?

Focus on making progress with your strength continuously overtime, be consistent and patient and you will gain results! If you are consistent, expect to see some great strength and physical improvements after completing minimum 2 months of programming.

Should I take progress pictures?

YES! I recommended Taking progress pictures at the beginning of each phase! Progress pictures should be your main variable when monitoring your physical improvements.

Are there any at home sessions?

No home sessions, If you have dumbells, barbells and booty bands, then yes you will be able to complete at home.

Do i have to do the banded finishers?

You don’t have too, but they only take around two minutes and are a great way to get some more volume in for glute, without impeding on your recovery.

Should I add cardio in?

This will be dependant on your individual goals! If your goals are to improve your strength and body composition, then you should always prioritise progressing with your strength training. If you would like to add cardio in, you can do so, but I would recommend adding in after your weight sessions.